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Coniugi MANIVOZ ....per loro la Tuscany è "Trail de couer"

1)Last year a second place for Franck in 103 km and a first for Stephanie in 53km , that’s a good Beginning for your place in Valdorcia , which kind of memories Have you got about That day?

Oh "amazing tuscany" ! it was a wonderfull landscape trail, nice view, nices towns, villages... our 2 girls childs (6 and 9 years old) were in castiglione with smiles ; so as a memory a wonderfull team "family" and ! few lovely memories : nice tracks, wonderfull volonteers, Roberto Amaddii ,Aurelio Michelangeli, really enjoyed trail... a famous race !

2)Can you tell us something about this passion for Trail ?

We have always practiced outdoor's sport and travels... so trail is similar discover and shared sports !!! That's why we represent Dynafit brand.

3)Have you got a Coach that follows you in track ?

Coach is Franck ! It's true training and racing ! on CCC UTMB... morenic trail stéphanie was my assitant (food and drink) !!!

4)Will you tell us your favourite food before a Trail race ?

We run and help together and before races lastmeal : pasta or/and pizza greenvegetables apple yoghourt beer ! 2/3 hours before : spicybread with honey "mielTonia" 3mugs of coffee !

5)Can you tell us something about your favourite Trail ?

Landscape, women and men of organization, tracks ... that's why we love tuscanycrossing, cappadocia ultratrail, istria100, Scenictrail, LG trail, ultrabericusteam, UTLO... a lot where we are cool !

6)One day will you go to Leadville o Tor de Geants ?

Tor is near savoy alps... easier for us Why not ? but before We want to run like we are, with our girls... one thing which is more important is : race/run OK but day after we must play, bike riding or skiing with our girls... So Tor or Big one in few years ... but grand to grand in USA (humhum! think about) ... perhaps in few years !!!!

7)Have you ever think to Run out of a Trail like 100 km del Passatore ?

Franck starts with triathlon and marathon when he was junior ... We always run on road but now we really enjoy discover countries on tracks and trails ! for us tuscany is a country for trail !

8)Will you tell us something about the Organization of our Race ?

Congratulations !!! For us it's important to meet nice people and helpfull volunteers ! and tuscany organisation is "professionnal" "respect" "challenge" "motivation and perform" ! we really enjoy because it's importants values for our brand DYNAFIT and for us !!! thanks a lot !

9)Do you like Valdorcia ? Will you tell us something about what do you think in this place rich of History ?

Val d'Orcia it's like home (but we must learn italian) 10 days of holidays last year, same this year (we only change villages) we love people, wine, food, landscape of course, history... (Franck is history geography teacher and stéphanie sport teacher!!! melting : discover trailrunning !!!)

10)Last question : will you come back in Valdorcia next year ?

So next year you have all ingredients : We come back !!! stay as you are and Keep smile !

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