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Run & Walk circuit

Finisher prize for those who participate in three events......

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What is the "Tuscany  Run & Walk" circuit?

Our origins start from 2009, the year of the first "Easter Eco Trail" event that took place during the Easter period in the villages of San Giovanni d'Asso and Montisi, since then the evolution in 2013 with the Tuscany Crossing in Castiglione d'Orcia with a 100 km path that crosses the Val d'Orcia, since then in 2014 the first Tuscan Trail Running race circuit was created with 6 races, 4 from Siena and 2 from Grosseto,  in 2015 they were  ben 11 races with well  4 Tuscan provinces represented and since 2017 there are 12 races represented, an excellence of races that in addition to the purpose of Trail Running competition intend a new way of proposing new environmental, tourism and cultural promotions of the territories we cross and in addition a growing desire to share experiences,   with the aim of regulating a calendar and unifo Sign the way of understanding and promoting Trail Running.  


The idea of this project was born following the imprint of the "Tuscany Crossing" leading competition which proposes the promotion   of the Tuscan countryside, which has a territory unique in the world with its farmhouses, its vineyards, its clays, its woods, plains, hills and even mountains, woods, pastures and cereal crops… all that is needed to satisfy sight and palate with its unique products in the world. Its wines, cheeses, cured meats, fine beef such as Chianina and pork such as La Cinta Senese and DOP extra virgin olive oil, contribute to making this territory famous in Europe and in the world.
But not only gastronomy and landscapes, in fact Tuscany is also made up of places rich in culture, traditions and history, places that have inspired illustrious writers and poets.

A territory and a nature to be run and discovered, perhaps by running or simply crossing it ... this is how the idea of “TuscanyTrailCrossing” was born, a series of races and paths in nature, rich in history, culture and traditions.

After the years of the pandemic, we try to restart and propose new events and new journeys starting from the origins, that is, from the territory in which we were born.


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